Is pitching more fun with two baseballs? Joel Peralta investigates.

Todd Helton’s final at-bat.
Colorado Rockies @ Los Angeles Dodgers

GO CARDS Love baseball!

The Rays are playing their double-A affiliate, the Biscuits, today. Zobrist got a little carried away in the gift shop

Can we all just agree baseball players are attractive?

I feel like I need this…because I’m overly competitive and it makes act shitty haha Ugh

someone take me to a batting cage and “teach” me how to hit 

With Expos long gone, a weekend reunion with baseball might be the best Montreal fans can hope forJim Beattie, an Ivy League graduate from Dartmouth raised six hours away in South Portland, Maine, set out to learn French after he was named general manager of the Montreal Expos. And then he stopped: “I realized the best thing for me to do was say, ‘Je suis Américain,’ and ‘Je ne parle pas français.’”Beattie already had a connection to the region. He attended Expo 67, the world’s fair held in Montreal; he went on a road trip in high school to watch the Quebec Nordiques; he had family in the Gaspé Peninsula. And from 1995 to 2001, he did his best to lead a once-beloved baseball team through six of its final nine seasons in Montreal.The Expos — known as “Nos Amours” in their better days — left for Washington, D.C., before the 2005 season, moving after years of sparse crowds in a crumbling stadium. A decade later, baseball is returning, if only for a weekend, which might be the best that fans in Montreal can ever hope for.Organizers say they have sold 80,000 tickets for a two-game pre-season series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Mets that begins Friday night at Olympic Stadium. Those ticket sales are fanning the nascent discussion that Montreal deserves another shot at a Major League Baseball team, a discussion that is being held in both official languages. (Photo: Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

Number 7

Bees invade George M. Steinbrenner field.

Sam Fuld always wears his cape.